Swim Workout:
Swim, Drill, Kick Your Butt


Swim Workout

Rounds Sets
1x600 Warm-Up (Choice) 50%
4x100 Choice (Choice) 70%
3x75 Swim (Choice) 70%
1x25 Sprint (Choice) 70%
4x50 Swim (Freestyle) 80%
1x150 Warm-Down (Choice) 60%
4x125 Sprint (Choice) 100%
1x150 Warm-Down (Choice) 60%
8x25 Sprint (Choice) 100%
1x300 Warm-Down (Choice) 50%
Total Distance: 3700
Time to Complete: Registered members must enter a 100 base pace to their profile to view an estimate.

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Stroke and Kick Speed...

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Swim Workout Info

Workout Title:
Swim, Drill, Kick Your Butt

Workout Description:
In typical Friday fashion here's a workout that's sure to burn off all the horrible food choices you'll make over the weekend!

Workout Type:

Workout Level:

Distance unit:

Total Yards:

Chris Card

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