Swim Workout:
General Aerobic Workout


Swim Workout

Rounds Sets
1x600 Warm-Up (Choice) 50%
6x150 Swim (Freestyle) 70%
1x300 Swim (Freestyle) 70%
1x200 Other (Mixed) 60%
1x100 Other (Mixed) 60%
1x50 Swim (Freestyle) 60%
10x50 Swim (Freestyle) 80%
1x300 Warm-Down (Choice) 40%
Total Distance: 4250
Time to Complete: Registered members must enter a 100 base pace to their profile to view an estimate.

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Swim Workout Info

Workout Title:
General Aerobic Workout

Workout Description:
This workout focuses on aerobic swimming.

Workout Type:

Workout Level:

Distance unit:

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Chris Card

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