Development Roadmap

Hampster Food:

Development Roadmap Updated 09/21/2015

Proposed Roadmap

These timeframes are all preliminary, and subject to change, but these are the targets. Note also that the release contents and timing are meant to be reviewed and adjusted after every release. This reflects the anticipated priorities as of this writing.

RELEASE 1.5 - Q4 2015
Theme: Implement "Quality of Life" updates to the platform including drills library, linking of glossary terms to set descriptions, estimated time to complete workouts, "liked" workouts lists for users, blog interface for admins, and more.

RELEASE 1.6 - Q1 2016
Theme: Implement Workout Statistics which will allow premium members to view a robust set of data for the workouts they've logged.

RELEASE 1.7 - Q2 2016
Theme: UI Overhaul for mobile and desktop.