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Swim Workouts Release Notes

Latest Releases

RELEASE 1.7.1 02/18/2016

  • Removed subscription option and subscription advertising for the time being.
  • Removed Team and Event functionality (unused).
  • Streamlined front page.
  • Removed "Promoted User Workout" container and added "User Created Workouts".
  • Created weekly workout email for workout authors to allow them to view statistics on the workouts they've posted (views, prints, tweets).

RELEASE 1.7 02/02/2016

  • Added ability to copy & edit workouts within the database.

RELEASE 1.6 11/30/2015

  • Added ability to sort/reorder circuits and sets on the Workout creation and editing pages.

RELEASE 1.5 10/30/2015

  • Added Standard User Workout Statistics which is based upon a user's workout log.

RELEASE 1.4.7 10/26/2015

  • Added reCAPTCHA to registration page to prevent bots from registering on the site.

RELEASE 1.4.2 09/24/2015

  • Added Glossary linking to workout set descriptions.
  • Added Glossary term aliases so that multiple representations of the same term will auto-link to workout set descriptions.

RELEASE 1.4 09/21/2015

  • Added event posting and promotion as a premium member feature.

RELEASE 1.3 08/31/2015

  • Implemented Teams to allow swimmers with similar goals to group together.
  • Added premium membership subscription to site.
  • Added social media hooks to workouts.
  • Added mobile device layouts.

RELEASE 1.2.6 08/19/2015

  • Added Swimming Glossary which will hold terms found in posted workouts. Swimming Glossary is in the Swim Workouts dropdown menu. Glossary is a work in progress while we catch up.
  • Implemented notification emails (admin only) for various activites on the site.
  • Modified some page copy to incrase search engine visibility.

RELEASE 1.2.5 08/14/2015

  • Added Preferred Distance Unit (yards or meters) and Course (short or long) to User Profile
  • Added Distance Unit to workout to specify between yards based and meters based workouts
  • Added logic which will convert yard based sets and intervals to meter based sets and intervals (and vice versa) depending on user preferences
  • Modified Workouts page to show post conversion distances where applicable

RELEASE 1.2.4 08/13/2015

  • Updated Registration page to list benefits of registering for a free account
  • Added user registration reminder to top of workout view
  • Changed "Get Started For Free!" on front page to link to registration page
  • Added a flag to users which will prevent unscrupulous individuals from repeatedly posting offensive materials.
  • Added "My Workouts" link which will list a users submitted Public, Private, and Team (soon) workouts
  • Added logic which forces Names/User Names to be unique just as email address must be unique
  • Added ability for standard users to post private workouts. Users can select "Just Me" under visibility to prevent workouts from appearing on the main workout index
  • Added error messages to login and registration screens so users will know what they messed up

RELEASE 1.2.3 08/12/2015

  • Added "Workouts Created Today" link at top of homepage

RELEASE 1.2.2 08/12/2015

  • Added Development Roadmap and Release Notes pages
  • Added "views" to workout database table in order to track number of times a viewout has been viewed
  • Fixed domain DNS issue causing to resolve to a parked page and not the actual site.
  • Removed "breadcrumbs" from site landing page

RELEASE 1.2.1 08/11/2015

  • Restructed Home Page
  • General bug fixes