Next Round of Site Enhancements

Hampster Food:

Hello Swimmers!

It's been a bit since I posted a site blog.  In that time I've rolled out the final big feature of the site (Statistics!!) and started planning the next round of enhancements.  I've also taken a bit of a rest, as it's easy to burn out when you're the only developer on a project.

So now that all of the advertised features have been released, what happens next?  Well... it's an interesting question.  The overwhelming majority of users only come to view and print the workouts.  A small percentage of users activally log their workouts in order to take advantage of the base level Statistics package, and a handful of users have been bold enough to post their own workouts on the site!

Nobody is really utilizing the Team or Event sections of the site, and probably with good reason. This is afterall, and not or

With this in mind, the focus on the next round of enhancements will be focused on the following:

  1. Enhancing features associated with creating workouts:
    1. Implement "Drag 'n Drop" to reorder circuits and sets on the fly
    2. Add in "Clone" workout so that users can easily tweak workouts that have already been posted by others to fit their exact needs
    3. Conceptualize mechanisms to allow users to define their own workout and set types
  2. Curate a drills page so users will have some direction on "Drills" sets
  3. Create How-To pages for site features related to creating, updating, logging workouts

The goal of these enhancements is to make workout creation a smoother process so that more members will feel confident in participating.  I also want users to be able to tweak workouts that have already been posted so that they can get exactly the workout they want (ofcourse the workout that has been cloned will be linked to for proper credit).

If any of you have feedback on what would make the site easier for you to use, please, please , PLEASE do not hesitate to send that feedback to me by sending an email to!

Swim well folks, and thanks for being here!

Chris Card, Founder