It Hardly Seems like a Month!

Hampster Food:

Well, to be perfectly fair it's been about a month and a half since we launched. Still, the time has flown by!

In the first month we've posted 161 workouts (an average of 3 per day) and rolled out a number of new site features.  We've delivered on our promise to roll out the Team and Events modules, and are now in the process of making some quality of life enhancements to the site based on your feedback!

Already we've updated the workouts page to automatically link terms to their glossary definitions so that you can understand what all of our weird terminology means.  Soon we'll be adding the following:

  • Estimated time to complete the workout
  • A "Liked" workouts tab on your profile so you can easily revisit workouts you enjoyed
  • A Drills library so you're not left wondering what to do during drill sets
  • Various administrative tools to make getting information to you a bit easier for us (like this blog tool we just built)

Once this round of quality of life enhancements has been released we'll be hard at work building the statistics module so that you can track the workouts you've done and gain valuable insight into the types of work you've been doing.

As this development work is completed we're still trying to build our user base and spread the word about what we're doing. In this endeavor you are our greatest asset. Please help us grow by telling your swimming friends, family, and coaches about us.  If you are a swim coach, throw some practices on the site for others to use - spread your knowledge of the sport so that swimmers as a collective can grow and improve!

If you have ideas or suggestions for the site please let us know!  The vast majority of our quality of life updates have come from users who have said "You know, it'd be great if....".  We love feedback and want to make as user friendly and informative as possible! Let us know what you want and need.

Finally, thank you for visiting us, viewing our collection of workouts, and printing them to use and share.  Our mission is, and always will be to spread our love and knowledge of swimming with everyone who wants it. We are so happy that so many of you have found our workouts helpful, challenging, and fun!  Please come back often as there will always be something new for you to try!

Warmest Regards,

Christopher Card, Founder