Week One of SwimWorkouts.net

Hampster Food:

Greetings swimmers!

In the week since launching the site, we have had 50 members register and log a total of 39,000 yards, had 700 individuals come to the site and view a total of 3,300 pages, and posted 29 public workouts! As far as we're concerned these numbers are amazing, and much much higher than we expected! Thank you all so much!

As we are commited to providing the best content and tools for swimmers, we made some enhancements to the way workouts display for members. Highlights are as follows:

  • Registered members may update their profiles to set default distance units (meters or yards) and pool course (short or long).
  • Based on the information in the user's profile, workouts will adjust intervals and distance to more appropriately display for the user's home pool environment.
  • We added a meters or yards select box when creating workouts so that users can define the type of environment workouts were originally created for.
  • We added a "My Workouts" link so that users have an easier time finding workouts they've created in order to edit/update them.

We also made a bunch of small changes which can been viewed in the full release notes.

In addition to enhancing existing functionality we've been hard at work creating additional modules. Currently we're developing the team module which will allow users to search for registered teams in their area to join on SwimWorkouts.net. Joining a team on SwimWorkouts.net will allow users to see private workouts created specifically for those teams by their coaches/members. Teams offer a great way to find and provide specialized training. On the team creation side, all members will be able to create "Open" teams, while premium members will be able to create "Open" or "Closed" teams. Open teams allow any registered member to join, while closed teams require the team creator to accept individual membership requests. "Closed" teams are best suited towards active swimming teams who want a place to easily create, post and distribute workouts without making them available to the general public.

The Team module is about 90% developed at which time it will move to testing to ensure it works properly when it hits the live site. We anticipate we will launch Teams within two weeks!

As always if you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me and I'll do my best to respond quickly. We're very happy you've chosen to join us and will be working hard to get the rest of the site features up for you as soon as possible. Until then, enjoy the workouts and keep that log growing!

Thank you so much, and Happy Swimming!

Chris Card
Founder, DeepWater Softworks & SwimWorkouts.net