Greetings, What is SwimWorkouts, First Public Beta Release

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Greetings swimmers and welcome to!

My name is Chris Card and I am the founder, designer, and developer of DeepWater Softworks and this site. The goal of is to become the greatest place on the web to find workouts, create workouts, and track workouts. By providing great tools to swimmers and coaches alike, I hope that will become the defacto community for workouts for all ages and abilities. I believe the swimming community can truely benefit from the open sharing of ideas and strategies and hope that you will join us in that pursuit.

We are currently in a public beta release of the site. What does this mean to you? It means that there are still plenty of features in development that will be rolling out when they are complete. As the sole employee of both DeepWater Softworks and, trying to launch a feature complete site all at once would be an enormous task which would leave the site prone to critical bugs and errors. By staggering the release of features, I can ensure that each piece of functionality is rock solid before I release it to you. The "beta" tag is also an admission that there will probably be some bugs in the site that I didn't catch in my testing. If you run into one of these please get in touch so that I can fix the issue for all of our users.

So what makes me an authority on any of this, and why should you trust that I can deliver? Well, I started swimming at the age of 4, and after twenty years, ended my competitive career at the University of Maine. Directly after college I took a job as the Assistant Coach of Wellesley College Swimming and Diving and founded Wellesley Masters Swimming. Upon leaving coaching in 2008 I began a career in software development where I currently work developing software used by Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies to facilitate their Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee Giving programs. represents an amalgamation of my two passions, and a project that I am fully commited to.

So please, take a look at our library of swimming workouts to see what we have available. Our workouts are, and always will be, free to browse, view, and print. If you want, you can use this site forever without ever signing up for a free account; though a free membership does provide some additional functionality. If you're a long time swimmer or coach and want to add your own workouts to our library, sign up for a free account and select "Create" under the workouts menu option (I promise I'll write a how-to eventually...).

Last but not least, in order to help keep core content free, please consider a one-time or recurring donation via our "Donate" button, or use affiliate store for your next swimming equipment purchase (we recieve a small percentage of anything you might buy). Your donations go directly towards the development, operation, and maintenance of this site.

Thank you so much, and Happy Swimming!
Chris Card
DeepWater Softworks