About SwimWorkouts.net

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To provide high quality swimming workouts to swimmers across the globe, promote the exchange of ideas by providing users the means to share their own workouts, and increase participation in the sport of swimming by creating the tools to allow swimmers to track their workouts and view robust statistics on their training.


To help the sport of swimming thrive by becoming the top site for high quality swimming workouts, creating the largest collection of completely free workouts available on the internet, developing the best tracking and statistical analysis on the web and generating enough revenue to sponsor local and national swimming events.

About SwimWorkouts.net

SwimWorkouts.net is the creation of Chris Card (dba DeepWater Softworks) and was launched on August 10th, 2015. SwimWorkouts.net was created to fill the need for a swimming workout site that stayed up to date, was completely free to browse/download/print, and allowed users to post and track their own swimming workouts.

SwimWorkouts.net hopes to become the largest collection of free, high quality, user created workouts on the web. It is our hope that swimmers and coaches from around the world will join us to share their collective knowledge in order to advance the sport of swimming as a whole.

While swimming workouts are the bread and butter of SwimWorkouts.net - we are also developing a robust statistical package which will allow users to see the work that they've done, track their progression over weeks, months, an years, and perhaps modify their workout focuses to focus on weak areas.

Our long term goal is to be able to invest money back into the sport of swimming by sponsoring local and national events including meets, clinics, workshops, and charity fundraisers. Swimming was a major part of Chris' life, and the ultimate goal is to provide others with same opportunity to participate in this amazing sport that he had.

About Chris Card / DeepWater Softworks

Chris Card develops websites and software under the trade name DeepWater Softworks, an homage to his time in the pool. He often talks in the plural form, or in third person, so that people will not know he IS DeepWater Softworks, and not just a member OF DeepWater Softworks.

Chris began his swimming adventure at the age of 4 at the Bath Area Family YMCA in Maine taking swim lessons, and crying when his instructor removed his water wings. By age 6, Chris had joined the Long Reach Swim Club under coach Jay Morrisette where he swam for 18 years, breaking and holding numerous team and state records. In college, Chris swam for the University of Maine where he was team record holder in the 200 Breaststroke for 5 minutes before his record was broken by teammate Nathan Richard in the subsequent heat. He still can't believe that one...

Upon graduating from the University of Maine with a BA in Finance, Chris took an Assistant Coaching position at Wellesley College where he assisted coach Bonnie Dix and founded/coached the Wellesley Masters Swimming program. Chris served as the Assistant Coach and Head Masters Coach for 3 years before transitioning to a career in software development, an equal passion.

Chris stayed with Wellesley College for an additional 3 years as a Web Developer where he developed and designed many of the internal administrative tools used by Wellesley College. Chris currently works full-time as a software developer for Cybergrants, Inc., a company that specializes in facilitating the Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee Charitable Giving programs of Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies. Chris and his fellow developers at Cybergrants, Inc. are responsible for writing the software that allows $2.7 billion dollars of charitable giving to flow from Corporations to Nonprofits through Cybergrants, Inc. annually.

As mentioned above, in his spare time Chris develops websites and software under the trade name DeepWater Softworks. SwimWorkouts.net is the result of Chris' tireless work (you'll often find him programming late at night) and passion for the sport of swimming.

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